About us

Hello Earth beings! We are a family of 4: Daddy(Val), mum(Daniela), big SIS(Dharana), small sis(Ilinca).

We started our adventure around the World with big plans which actually became no plans. We planned to start our big trip only when we will have a camper van but in the meanwhile we realised that it will take some time to do that due to financial issues,sooo we just started.

If I look back to last year,autumn 2017, I see that the decision was already made by the Universe regarding the idea:with which type of vehicle we will start to travel? Now I cannot believe this,but is true. Daniela’s parents gave us like a gift, their old VW T5 Transporter,from 2004, to fix it and to have a start.Back then we had the idea that we will start with this car and a caravan. To fix it, we used all our savings and after,we had no money to buy a caravan.What to do next? We said,let’s wait some few more months maybe we can gather more money for a caravan.This year,in Jebruary 2018, we checked our pockets, but not enough money for a caravan still. Meanwhile we changed our thoughts, from caravan to a camper van, a more expensive idea. In March 2018, we said that is no point to wait for more money because they will not come as we planned, so we started with this car directly to our dream country: Portugal.

Our deep words are : Live your life without plans! Love is all that matters! due to especially what you read above.
A few words about each of us:
Val is Dad (37) he always was a calm and gentle spirit in a man body, loves food,cats and kids.
Finished college, university, all these degrees which made him feel that none of these are really important in this life on Earth. His biggest challenge till now was to quit a corporation job and leave all this artificial life behind. Working remotely now, in transport logistics business just to cover day by day needs of his family.
Mum Daniela (37) all the time on the run, was running for a job carrier all her time till now but after she gave birth to Dharana, everything changed. Suddenly all stopped, the priority became showing the World to her kids, in it’s pure form, in it’s original essence. Her home is where her family is. Working online in essential oils network marketing business.
 Dharana(3) is the big sister. She is a great speaker for her age, fighting for all she has in mind, no matter what and who, loves cars of all types and water.
Ilinca(2) is the baby at the moment. Great peaceful soul, full of happiness and joy. She loves food off all kinds and playing in the water all day long.
 Here we are, 4 intheworldfamily , just us and only us. If you feel that you need some more thoughts from us regarding a start to live your real life, let us know 🙂