2009 found us on the way to Cyprus. The place  was a continuous attraction for us and called us back every time when we went out. To summarise, we stayed and really enjoyed Cyprus for almost 2 years(f.2009-to 2011/June). During this time we combined the work with free quality time. We gladly can say that we explored all the island 🙂 One place about we can say that was one of the most one is hard to decide. Why? Because all of them are charming and exerting a spell on us 🙂

So, 2009 we set up our home-base in AYIA NAPA, Famagusta District.

Fantastic days were following until June 2011. All these years we kept our home-base in Ayia Napa. The Island of Cyprus is not a large space so flexibility of movement was extremely high. There we had a various combination of cultural life & entertainment environment.

If you are a sunbathing lover, Cyprus is the perfect spot. Also was nominated many times and got the blue flag title. For me and Daniela one of the favourite beach was Konnos Bay.

Konnos Bay has a variety of activities to offer. Catamaran cruise, ski-jets, paraglinding, e.t.c.

Some useful links:

– http://www.loveayianapa.com/konnos-bay.html

–  http://mikewatersports.com/

– http://www.visitcyprus.com/index.php/en/

Another place which we liked very much was Troodos Mountains. In summer time is the perfect place for cooling.

If you are willing to explore more please use the linked link.

Where to stay in Troodos: